• We live in a world saturated with written content. Writers are in demand by the publishing and screen industries, advertising agencies, marketing and social media agencies, magazines and newspapers, and throughout the technical and corporate world. More than 10,000 new books are published in Australia every year, and more local authors than ever are having success in print and digital media as well as in forms and contexts that are rapidly evolving.
    In this course you will work intensively on your writing in a number of forms including novels, short stories, creative non-fiction, memoir, genre writing, and poetry. You will develop comprehensive editing skills as well as self-editing skills. You will learn about and engage with local writing contexts, as well as enter contemporary debates around ideas that illuminate and challenge what people write and how they write it. You will learn to think and write critically about texts. You will learn how to engage readers through emotional story telling. You will progress towards a major piece of creative writing in a form and genre of your choice at the end of your degree.
    Why choose this course?
    This combined degree opens up a wide range of creative and business careers.
    You will graduate not only with advanced technical and creative skills, but also with highly developed business knowledge.
    Immerse yourself in the creative writing major with up to 16 discipline units and gain in-depth knowledge in your specialisation. Your business degree component comprises eight business core units and eight business major units.
    We offer the largest and most comprehensive undergraduate writing course in South-East Queensland with the broadest range of units on offer. We take a transdisciplinary approach from the outset, encouraging you as a specialist creative writer to work in teams with others who have different creative skillsets. You will graduate with advanced writing and communication competence – a rare skill keenly sought by employers.
    You will be taught by highly experienced and published authors, scholars, and experts in creative writing.
    Visits from other writers, editors and publishers will further help you gain a unique perspective on writing as a vocation and as a critical and creative practice. Writers, editors and publishers regularly provide guest lectures for the benefit of students, and you’ll have access to the industry and national writing communities.
    Career outcomes
    Graduates can work as writers and editors in corporate, community and freelance capacities. Opportunities exist as
    fiction writers
    embedded creatives in technical and corporate contexts
    script writers
    travel writers
    feature writers
    media workers
    policy workers
    government employees and
    Your business major will provide additional career opportunities, and provide you with business skills you can apply in your creative industries career.
    Professional recognition
    Students may be eligible for membership to a number of professional bodies depending on choice of major and unit selection in their business degree. Details on professional recognition can be found under the individual majors of the Bachelor of Business (BS05).
    Research pathways
    Bachelor of Business (Honours) option
    High-achieving students who wish to take further studies may enrol in BS63 Bachelor of Business (Honours).

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