• The Business Specialist component will give you strong broad business knowledge, while also building your expertise from day one in either Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing or International Business. The Arts component will give you the opportunity to explore your passion, or develop key skills in a complementary area.

    This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your business specialisation, you will be awarded:

    – Bachelor of Accounting, or
    – Bachelor of Banking and Finance, or
    – Bachelor of Marketing, or
    – Bachelor of International Business.
    and also:

    – Bachelor of Arts.

    You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work.

    Choose to combine your Accounting specialisation with a Theatre Studies major to give you an edge in the film industry. Combine Banking and Finance with a language major to increase your international employment options and take up a role at an international bank. Complement your Marketing specialisation with Communications or Journalism to extend your skills across the media industry, or with Politics or Psychology to open up careers in government, or market research.

    Wherever your choices may lead, a degree in Business and another in Arts will give you versatile and transferable skills that are relevant to any industry. The combination will also give you the skills that employers are looking for, such as communication, teamwork, research, critical thinking and cultural sensitivity – and you’ll be able to draw on cross disciplinary perspectives to thrive in a broad range of settings.

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