• Develop a solid grounding in both foundational business and management knowledge and strategic aspects of management in the Graduate Diploma in Business (Management).

    This mid-level postgraduate qualification allows managers to upgrade their skills and qualifications. It can be taken standalone or as part of a pathway to the Master of Business (Management).

    On successful completion of this course, working independently or in collaborative groups, you will be able to:

    review theoretical approaches and analyse their application to achieve effective management strategies
    justify and interpret theoretical propositions and related bodies of knowledge to critically evaluate the resolution of business problems and recommend actions relevant to contemporary business settings
    critically apply cross-disciplinary knowledge in decision making with creativity for various management contexts
    demonstrate independent judgements in response to contemporary and future professional management challenges
    work as a reflective management practitioner to formulate, implement and evaluate industry-specific investigations to resolve complex professional problems and inform decision-making
    communicate effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences including multi-disciplinary teams, diverse cultural communities and business and other professional organisations
    show initiative and inspirational leadership in a dynamic 21st century work environment, acting consistently, ethically and socially responsibly
    analyse and evaluate research findings applicable to business environments as part of the course work.

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