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Why you should write a review?

1. Your reviews will help students make a more informed decision; individual students can choose a Uni and a Course based on your first-hand/ real-student reviews, rather than marketing info.

2. Writing reviews help keep education service providers on their toes, especially when they know that the students are reviewing them on public platform.

3. Writing reviews help you reflect on your uni experience and rethink about your career. It is also a good way to record your uni days memory.


4 simple steps:

Step 1. Register a user account (click here to register a new user account – open in new tab)


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Step 3. Click the Courses link (as shown in below picture), and search (CTRL+F) the course you have studied before or are currently studying.


Step 4. Review/provide some insightful comments (at least 100 words) about your course (Click the 5 stars/No reviews link as shown in below picture). See below examples. That’s all.


Review example for University:


Review example for Course:

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